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A long favourite spot is back with their always unique flavours in the heart of Galway



We know our soul. Alma is the Portugese word for "Soul", and our comes from a long culinary tradition, slowly evolving through the centuries.

At Alma Restaurant our aim is to provide all these flavours, from mouth-watering dishes to the most luscious wines, with a gentle and friendly service firmly rooted in our culture of welcoming those who visit us. 


All of this is our Portuguese soul on your table.



We know our food. Food is an universal language and one of the most important traits of any culture. It defines one people and their history.

At Alma João, our chef, offers his view on Portuguese cuisine, balancing tradition and contemporaneity oftenly inspired by the Portuguese influence in the world cuisine, from Latin America to the Far East.

Although we rely on our gastronomic tradition we also rely on some of the great products found in and around Galway to recreate those flavours from Portugal.



We know our wines. Portugal combines a lot of different climates with the enchanting craze of using almost exclusively native grapes. And in the end you get what many experts swear to be the hidden secret of the wine world.

Being an inseparable part of our gastronomic culture, a wine never stands alone as it is always accompanied by some delicacy,


Just like the food, our wines are unique and we are pleased to present an ever-evolving list, with the best that the different national terroirs can offer.



We know our passion. In Portugal any celebration almost always involves a table with food and wine. Sharing is part of our traditional  comunal culture and sharing food is a most representative act of love.


A full table surrounded by friends and family, sharing food, drink, conversation, laughter is probably the best definition of our joy of living. It is at the table that the Portuguese soul feel happier, it is at the table that we feel closer to those we love the most..


Share, love and be loved.


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